Zamira continues its close association with CTCBIO Inc., utilizing the extensive R&D capabilities and facilities in Korea to develop new products and applications for food producing animals.

Zamira technical personnel work closely with CTCBIO and other R&D scientists to identify and develop new product candidates to meet specific customer needs.


Some examples of products currently in Zamira’s pipeline include:

  • Liquid mineral drench product to optimize performance in cattle
  • Enzyme to improve feed utilization in calves
  • Biological control product for reduction of flies in intensive animal farming operations
  • Feed-based anti-parasitic for treatment and prevention of economically important diseases in high value farmed fish species
  • A non-antibiotic treatment product to address mastitis in dairy cattle.


Technology Platform

The original CTCBIO R&D model, which provides for many of the products marketed by Zamira, developed a technology platform around 3 core capabilities.

  1. Drug Delivery System (DDS)

CTCBio’s patented Drug Delivery System (DDS) involves a unique microencapsulation and granulation technique for powdered products.  DDS enables more potent drug delivery and more flexibility in relation to drug applications by offering capabilities including combination of multi-actives and coatings with pH adjustable and hydrophobic properties.


DDS also provides effective flavour masking of bitter compounds to improve intake of medicated and other feeds.   Using this technology Zamira can therefore supply products with improved efficacy to address specific needs of customers.


  1. Plant Extracts

CTCBio have analysed and assessed a vast range of naturally occurring plant extracts in vitro and in vivo across a range of animal species.

Clean bench

The library of derived active compounds is accessed by CTCBio for the development of new non-medicated solutions to health and productivity issues.


  1. Fermentation

Over many years, CTCBio’s qualified fermentation scientists have developed core capabilities in the application of fermentation techniques for generating cost effective active ingredients.


In recent years the CTCBIO team have developed further capabilities in liquid premixes and injectibles, following the acquisition of the LG animal health business.  CTCBIO are in the process of commissioning and validating a new manufacturing facility which will provide a vast range of new products including liquid premixes, injectibles, pharmaceuticals and eventually vaccines.  Using these facilities, Zamira will work closely with CTCBIO in identifying new product candidates for marketing under the Zamira brand.