Zamira Life Sciences is a new, energetic and market focused animal health company. Zamira’s unique network of R&D, manufacturing and distribution partners provides a direct path from scientific innovation to the target animal species. Our on-the-ground presence enables us to listen to our customers and quickly respond to meet their real needs.

Zamira are focused on providing innovative, research-based solutions to improve the health, well-being and productivity of food producing animals. Our products and services prevent and treat key animal diseases to ensure safe and sustainable food production.

Zamira was established in 2008 by a number of animal health industry executives based in Australia. In 2014, Zamira expanded its operations to establish a Head Office in Singapore, with country level businesses in Australia, India and the Philippines and distribution across many markets.  Zamira will continue to grow its product range and market coverage.

Our name Zamira means “conscientious and thoughtful” reflecting our personal commitment to our customer’s success.

Distribution markets

In addition to its direct sales channels, Zamira works closely with distributors in many markets across Asia, Europe/Middle East and the Americas to deliver feed additive and pharmaceutical products for poultry, pig and cattle.

CTCBIO Partnership

Zamira was originally part-owned by leading Korean animal health company CTCBIO Inc.  In recent times CTCBIO has marketed and distributed Zamira’s range of feed additive products in countries outside Australia.  Zamira and CTCBIO continue to work in close partnership, with a primary focus now being on bringing new products to market through CTCBIO’s established R&D and manufacturing pipeline.


2008 – Zamira Life Sciences was established as a joint venture between Australian investors and Korean pharmaceutical company CTCBIO Inc CTCBIO is Korea’s largest animal health company, listed on KOSDAQ.

2011 – CTCBIO appointed as distributor of Zamira’s range of feed additive products.

2014 – Zamira establishes new structure with head office in Singapore and direct distribution companies in Australia and India.  Additional country level businesses to open within 2015-16.

2011 – Zamira joined with leading Indian animal health company Provet Pharma Private Limited to introduce a new range of feed additives servicing the needs of poultry producers.

2014 – Zamira establishes Zamira Life Sciences (India) Private Limited with an experienced and well qualified local technical and marketing team to support Indian customers.

2015 – Zamira expands its solutions capability with the addition of products from Pancosma.

2008 – Original Zamira company established; initial product line includes injectibles for cattle and pigs, feed additives for pigs and poultry, development of line of aqua products.

2014 – Zamira Australia expands operation with appointment of new management and growth in range of products.

2015 – Zamira expands its solutions capability with the addition of products from Global Nutrition International.

2015 – Zamira establishes Zamira Life Sciences Inc with a customer-focused Business Development Director to identify and develop new business opportunities.